Oregon Home Inspections

North Pacific Environmental goes above and beyond the competition by digging into the roots of your home and bringing them to light. Our skilled home inspectors are certified and trained to document everything you’ll need and then some!

Buyer’s Inspection

The buyer’s inspection is taking one of the biggest purchases and investments in one’s life and adding piece of mind. Having this done by a highly trained and certified home inspector makes the process even better. Our inspectors are outfitted with the latest technology and provide a comprehensive report so that before you buy, you can see all the identified problems that may be in or around the home.

A few things seen in every report:
Thermal Imaging
Site Analysis
Roof Inspections
Attic Inspections
Decks & Patios
Electrical systems
And more!

Seller’s Inspection

Market values fluctuate and having a seller’s inspection gives you the power to negotiate and identify issues prior to placing your home on the market. Having good information can help you decide in advance what needs to be addressed in order to maximize future deals.

Maintenance/Property Inspections

Home owners, property managers, and developers often include into their budgets annual inspections to help identify failing components or points of potential problems before they become financial disasters.

Often noted as Preventative Maintenance this process can save on property damage and angry tenants. By catching it before it becomes an issue you may even stop or prevent poor reviews online.

Tall roof? No problem!